7 Reasons That I Prefer To Work With China Sourcing Agent

This article is written by a senior buyer who has been involved in buying from China for over 6 years. Her experience about dealing with Chinese manufacturers and traing companies would help you to find out the best way to buy from China.

In the blink of an eye, I have been working in the Dubai office for 6 years. I have visited at least 150 factories in the past six years, but there are only 40 companies that have really cooperated, and there are 30 companies that have been working together. We don’t easily start to cooperate with new suppliers. But as long as we start to cooperate, as long as the factory does not appear what we really can’t bear, we generally do not change the factory. So many factories will be especially relaxed and happy after working with us.

Before we set up an office, we also purchased it from trading companies. After we became familiar with my boss, we also asked him. Since you have already come to China, why do you prefer to work with trading companies, even if you knew where they purchased from? Why don’t you work directly with the factories?

The following is the answer given by my boss:

1. Most of the factories are not very familiar with the industrial chain of various products in China.

Different production areas and quality, prices differ a lot. Some orders are too complicated to complete the purchase within just one factory. In fact, it involves many factories. China sourcing agents can bring customers to the most suitable factory, saving time, effort and cost. Most of the buyers in Dubai are engaged in the wholesale business, so the product range varies a lot. Generally, not only the faucet is purchased, but the sanitary type is involved.

Although we have learned a lot about suppliers at the exhibition, there are many kinds of products and the quality is uneven. You can find a type of product from different cities. And the price, quality of the product from different cities are so different. For example, our faucet made from Guangdong Kaiping, the polished plating is very good. They are mainly supplied for the high-end market such as Europe and the United States; Fujian Nan’an, China Plumbing City, possesses most of the domestic market, the manufacturers are also more professional; Polished plating made from Wenzhou, Taizhou is poor, prices are cheap, suitable for the low-end market.

2. Trading companies are more professional than most factories.

Trading companies can accurately recommend the hottest explosions, and can clearly know the competitiveness of this product in the market. The customer can purchase this product, how much profit can be obtained, and the trading company understands the market trend and has new products or markets. Changes can inform customers in a timely manner. While most of the salesmen from factories often need to ask them at least three questions to get the information that you need.

3. Foreign trade companies can do door-to-door transportation services, and customers are relieved. People have inertia, and customers want to be lazy and lazy.

If the supplier can provide door-to-door service, the key price, and the customer’s own customs clearance are cheaper, or similar, the customer must choose the door to door. However, many factories only do FOB and even some salesmen. I asked him to send the goods to Ningbo. He will tell us that every time we are in Tianjin, we can’t report the price to Ningbo. You won’t ask about logistics. And freight forwarding?

4. Trust issues. I have been working with foreign trade companies for many years.

Even if I know which factory he bought, I don’t want to break cooperation. If the order is transferred to the factory, although it can earn a few more points, it is still a question whether the factory clerk can handle the order. And cooperated with this foreign trade company for many years, there is no big mistake, I have profit, I don’t want to transfer the order; a few years of cooperation, I am very sure that the foreign trade company can handle the order very well, even if it is a new order, new packaging

5. Very good payment method. Many foreign trade companies do not need to deposit money, wait for the goods to arrive in Hong Kong for 10 days, and then pay for one month or even several months.

Although the company is not short of money, customers can use this money to invest in more projects.

6. Foreign trade companies have good spoken English and communication barrier-free.

The boss is an Indian. Everyone in Indian English knows that many factory salesmen don’t know what the customer is saying. The customer doesn’t know what the salesman is talking about. The two sides are anxious and painful. I often meet the supplier to call the boss. The supplier has been talking for a long time. The boss gave me the call and said, I don’t know what he is talking about. I can’t understand what he said. Therefore, the language is still very important. At least the most basic communication is still necessary. Some salesmen are too eager to sell. After the call is connected, Barabara talks a lot. He often answers questions and does not even listen to what the customer is saying. I only talk about myself; you don’t listen to what you said, he doesn’t answer the question, he doesn’t answer anyway, he needs to know it anyway, he asks, he wants to say it, he says it, he’s bye. In the case of such a supplier, the customer’s good mood is destroyed every day. As long as your product is not particularly competitive, it is sure to start looking for other suppliers to replace you. Communication costs are really important.

7. Foreign trade companies can control product quality, delivery, and complaints.

The chances of not making a single mistake for each order are very small. If a product is being complained, the foreign trade company can quickly return the product and quickly fill it up. However, factories usually let customers send evidence, do not pay for various reasons, or deduct the indemnities in batches in the future.

Therefore, differentiation is the survival rule of foreign trade companies and factories. You have no me, you have me. Customer purchases never look at the price, although the price is also very important. If you think that the customer does not place an order for you, it is because your price is high, it is a big mistake.

Improve your professionalism, create differentiation, let customers and you cooperate with a sense of security, happiness, profitable and profitable, so who do you take customers?