FreelanceGZ.com is a platform to connect freelancers from China and buyers who are in need of freelance service. If you’re a freelancer, you can display your profile on FreelanceGZ.com. If you’re a buyer, you can review the freelancer’s profile, and find the right freelancers to provide the services you need, or the most simply, you can POST A JOB directly to FreelanceGZ.com and we’ll recommend you appropriate freelancers.

FreelanceGZ.com is FREE for anyone who needs to post a job or resume. We do the promotion service to fulfill your project for free. We charge for certain service only if:

1) The buyer found an appropriate freelancer to work with, and does use the service that the freelancer provides.

2)The buyer has specific recruiting needs to find a freelancer/long-term staff that is not listed in FreelanceGZ.

3)The buyer agree to pay for other services that FreelanceGZ provides.

4)The freelancer needs specific promotion of his/her service.

5)Other service that the buyer or the freelancer needs that provided by FreelanceGZ.com.

You can simply type the keyword of the freelance service that you need into the search bar, and our system will figure out the results to recommend you the right freelancers.

Furthermore, every profile of the freelancers has a COMMENT function, which is configured for the buyers to leave their comments. You can check the freelancer’s review comments to figure out if he/she can meet your request.

customer review

Yes we do. You can get suggestions from FreelanceGZ.com by simply contacting us.

In the profile of the freelancer’s page, you’ll find daily rate or hourly rate of a freelancer. But we suggest you to contact the freelancer with specific project requirements to get a quote from them.

Once you have meet an agreement with a freelancer, please confirm the work schedule, detail job content and payment rate with the freelancer, and BOOK AN APPOINTMENT via FreelanceGZ.com to get an official invoice of your payment. FreelanceGZ.com assure the safety of you payment until the project is finished.

Generally, the service that you order will be based on daily or hourly rate. If you’re not sure of the period that the project will need, you can pay for estimated hours or days in advance. The balances will be paid to either side as the case may be.

Privacy is priority in our business operation. More details can be found at Privacy Policy page.

Please let us know your detailed requirement and we will recommend appropriate freelancers to you. You can also include your industry when searching an freelancer on our website.

Yes. Contact us via any way your are comfortable with and we will recommend an available freelancer for you asap.

No. FreelanceGZ.com is a professional freelance platform for listing freelancers that are experienced, skilled and professional. Besides, the freelancers that listed on our platform should be able to communicate in English smoothly. If you’re not familiar with English speaking/writing/co-working, please don’t submit your profile.

FreelanceGZ.com cares the user’s experience a lot. We’ll list your profile only if your work experience and skill are able to fulfill the buyer’s needs.

If you’re skilled and professional, please submit your profile via BECOME A FREELANCER page. FreelanceGZ.com will review your profile and approve, then you can have your profile listed on FreelanceGZ.com.

As an approved freelancer of FreelanceGZ.com, you’ll have an editor account to manage your own profile. Furthermore, you can post articles that can show more professionalism of youself, share more work experience and skills to the buyers, so as to get more job recommendation or inquiry directly from the buyers.