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Profile TitleChinese-English-Cantonese Translator, Interpreter & Online Tutor
Profile Summary1. I work as a tutor for 6 years when l am a unversity student.
2. l am experienced teacher and l am good at 3P teaching methods. l can use simply language and body language to make students understand easily.
3. l am cnscientious and active so that many kids are fond of me and also my lessons.
4. My major is English and l get CET-8. Now l work in a kids training institutions for 3 to 12 years old.
Freelance ID072
NameQiumei Lai
Location, NationHangzhou, Zhejiang




Available Working Hours20 hrs/week
Years of Working2 Years
Work ExperienceFrom 2017 to 2019 ,l work at Bookworm Library which is a kid’s English training institutions for 3 to 12 years old— as a Chinese teacher. l teach them in English for the whole class about English words ,sentences in our daily life.For example, the animals subject and communication of daily life. The parents are satisfied with my quality of teachning. Some of my students get the first place in English competitions.
Other Experiencel am a translator when deputy president of Panasonnic who came to investigate Chinese market about Vinyl record in August,2019.
Other SkillsUkelele,painting
Awards & CertificationsN/A
EducationYear: 2013-2017
Major: English
School: Guangdong University of Technology Huali Collage
Daily Rate$85/day
Skilled IndustryBeauty

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