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Profile TitleChinese Mandarin Voiceover
Profile Summary1. Mandarin Proficiency Test certificates 1st
2. Test for English Majors, brand 8. IELTS 7.0
3. Proficient in Microsoft Office Inc. Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Word.
4. Used to work as telephone interviewer in London Kudos Research Company.
Freelance ID176
NameXiaoyan Yu
Location, NationBeijing


Available Working Hours10 hrs/week
Years of Working1 Year
Work Experience1. 2018.09-2018.12 | Kudos Research in London | telephone interviewer (Part-time job)| Interviewing media reporters and senior chemical analysts in the field of chemical industry
2. 2018.01-2018.03 | University of Glasgow | Practive Teacher | Teaching English to speakers of other languages

2018.09-2018.12 | Kudos Research in London | 电话采访员(兼职)|采访化工领域内的媒体记者及高级化工分析师
2018.01-2018.03| 格拉斯哥大学 | 实习老师 | 教授母语为非英语国家的学生英语

Other Experience1. Examiner Assistant for the English Oral Exam in College Entrance Examination, Beijing
2. Member of Chinese Students and Scholars Association at the University of Glasgow, writing articles about various activities.
3. Officer of the College Foreign Affairs Department, organizing events, such as Graduation Season, TOEFL Lecture, etc
4. Volunteer for the IAAF World Championships Beijing 2015, serving the international athletes, government and media representatives at the international airport.

1. 首都师范大学,北京高考口语监考官,负责高考生口语的场内监考
2. 格拉斯哥大学,中国学联宣传部干事,撰写及发布学生活动信息
3. 首都师范大学,外事部干事,组织学生活动,例如毕业季,托福讲座等等
4. 首都机场,2015国际田径联合会志愿者,为国际运动员,政府官员,媒体代表提供服务

Other SkillsN/A
Awards & Certifications1. Mandarin Proficiency Test certificates 1st
2. Test for English Majors, brand 8. IELTS 7.0
3. National computer rank examination level 2
4. Excellent Officer, 2013 Foreign Languages College, Foreign Affairs Department
5. Volunteer Certificate,2015 IAAF World Championships

1. 一级乙,普通话等级证书
2. 英语专业八级证书;雅思7分
3. 全国计算机二级考试合格证书 (MS office高级应用)
4. 优秀干事,2013年首都师范大学外事部
5. 2015年国际田径联合会志愿者服务证书

Education1. 2017.09-2018.11 |Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages | University of Glasgow
2. 2013.09-2017.06 | English Language and Literature 1st | Capital Normal University
3. 2013.09-2017.06 | Human Resources and Public Affair Management 1st| Capital Normal University

1. 2017.09-2018.11 | 对外英文教学 | 格拉斯哥大学
2. 2013.09-2017.06 | 英国语言文学(第一学位)| 首都师范大学
3. 2013.09-2017.06 | 人力资源与公共事务管理(第二学位)| 首都师范大学

Daily Rate$100/day
Skilled IndustryAdvertising, Office Supply, Travel, Education

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