Helen Ruan - Medical Translator

Clinical Medicine/ Basic Medicine/ Clinical Trials Translator

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Profile TitleClinical Medicine/ Basic Medicine/ Clinical Trials Translator
Profile Summary1. Familiar with the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases;
2. Master the whole process of clinical trials, familiar with GCP regulations;
3. Writing skills of clinical trial protocol, case report form, informed consent.
Freelance ID015
NameHelen Ruan
Location, NationShanghai


Available Working Hours20 hrs/week
Years of Working1 Year
Work Experience1.Intern in hosipital for 1 year and a half;
2.Intern in medical affairs department in a pharmaceutical company for half a year;
3. Medical affairs manager in a pharmaceutical company until now
Other Experience
SkillsTranslation, Interpretation
Other Skills
Awards & CertificationsLicensed physician qualification certificate
Education1. 201109 to 201606 Clinical Medicine in Wuhan University of Science and Technology;
2. 201609 to 201909 Basic Medicine in Shanghai Jiaotong University.
Daily Rate$150/day
Available IndustryChemical, Health, Medicine

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