Experienced Interpreter

Experienced Interpreter

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Profile TitleExperienced Interpreter
Profile SummaryFluent English speaking, professional translation, high sense of responsibility, patience, industrious
Freelance ID177
NameMaoyao Rao
Location, NationChengdu, Sichuan



Available Working HoursFlexible
Years of Working1 Year
Work Experience1. Runchang entertainment installation company (From October 2019 till now). Job responsibilities: interpreting for foreign engineers who instruct the installation work, making sure there is no any misunderstandings between Chinese workers and engineers. Also do some coordination work for parties including client, installation company and engineers.
2. Chuandongbei gas project for chevron. (From March 2019 to October 2019) job responsibilities: interpreting for chevron electrical, instrumental and mechanical engineers. Also do some daily reports.
Other ExperienceAs a teacher for graduate, instrcuting their English test.
SkillsTranslation, interpretation
Other SkillsBasic office skills
Awards & CertificationsCatti grade 3. TEM-8. Translation competition.
Education2015-2019 ,business English, Chengdu institute Sichuan international studies university
Daily Rate$80/day
Skilled IndustryApparel, Auto & Transportation, Construction, Electrical Equipment, Industrial Parts & Tools

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