Zhihao Chen - Fashion Design Major Mango TV Intern Director

Fashion Design Major, Mango TV Intern Director, Freelance Translator

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Profile TitleFashion Designer, Translator & TV Show Planning Assistant
Profile Summary1.Sense of discipline and diligent
2.Insight ability
3.Planning ability and judgment ability
4.Collaboration and sense of responsibility
Freelance ID141
NameZhihao Chen
Location, NationHengyang,Hunan


Available Working Hours20 hrs/week
Years of WorkingLess than 1 Year
Work ExperienceMango TV 2019.12.26- Currently
Department: Program Center Position: Internship Director-Service The new mango TV festival is based on the analysis of the clothing styles of well-known women’s groups at home and abroad and the collection of relevant data from well-known stylists in China. Objective to prepare for the early stage of “braving the wind and waves, sisters”, and to assist the clothing and chemical team in the matching of clothing styl
Other ExperienceI have travelled to some foreign countries all by my own , not in a group. I would like to make new friends and to learn new things.
Other SkillsN/A
Awards & CertificationsN/A
Major: Clothing and Apparel Design
Changchun University of Technology
Daily Rate$40/day
Skilled IndustryAdvertising, Apparel, Fashion, Jewelry, Beauty

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