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Freelance Chinese Trade Fair/Escort Interpreter

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Profile TitleFreelance Chinese Trade Fair/Escort Interpreter
Profile Summary1. Lots of booth interpretation, escort interpretation and consecutive interpretation experiences
2. Some foreign trade skills
3. knowing a lot of different suppliers
4. Master majoring in English
Freelance ID006
NameTingfen Xia
Location, NationGuangzhou, China


Available Working HoursFlexible
Years of Working2 Years
Work ExperienceBooth interpretation
English tour guide
Purchasing and escort interpretation
Consecutive interpretation
Other ExperienceTeaching
Foreign trade business
SkillsTranslation,interpretation, sourcing, import & export shipping agent
Other Skills
Awards & CertificationsTest for English Major 4
Test for English Major 8
Shanghai Intermediate level English Interpretation
China Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters
Education2018-2020/English Translation/Huanan Agriculture University
Daily Rate$120/day
Available IndustryAgriculture & Food, Auto & Transportation, Fashion Products, Jewelry, Beauty

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