Freelance Chinese Virtual Assistant & Interpreter

Freelance Chinese Virtual Assistant & Interpreter

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Profile TitleFreelance Chinese Virtual Assistant & Interpreter
Profile Summary1-Advanced English, Native Cantonese and Mandarin
2-experienced in administrative work
3-good communicative skill
4-logical thinking
5-smart & flexiible
Freelance ID044
NameLizhen Lu
Location, NationFoshan, Guangdong


Available Working Hours30 hrs/week
Years of Working3 Years
Work Experience2017.10-2018.6 NITI company in Philippinese Administrative interpreter Administrative duties like local stuff management, office management, hotel e management, go out with boss as an interpreter,ect
2018.10-2019.5 Capgemini company English accounting asistant billing and customer communication
2019.6 GungHo space company secretary Administrative duties like scheduling, hotel booking,meeting summary, client reception, office management,ect
Other Experience
Other SkillsVirtual Assistance
Awards & CertificationsTEM 8
Education2013-2017 South Chine Agriculture University Englsih Major
Daily Rate$50/day
Skilled IndustryEconomics

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