Freelance Construction English-Chinese Translator

Freelance Construction English-Chinese Translator

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Profile TitleFreelance Construction English-Chinese Translator
Profile Summary1. I have worked oversea for 5 years in China State , and worked with Korean, German and French. I am familiar with their ways to do the work ;
2. I have completed two Pipelines for Husab Uranium in Swkopmund where is located in Namibia and one building project for BHC in Botswana.
3.My English skill is professinal in terms of Construction and Contract.
4. I would like to communicate with Foreigner in English.
Freelance ID011
NameXu, Yao
Location, NationChengdu, Sichuan


Available Working Hours20 hours/week
Years of Working7 Years
Work Experience1. 2012.06 to 2014.4 Woked for Mianyang Construction Company
2. 2014.04 to 2018.12 Worked for China State Oversea
3. 2019.02 to now Working for China Resoure
Other Experience
Other SkillsConstruction Management and Contract Management
Awards & CertificationsOutstanding Projetc manager in 2017 –  Prized By China Construction Botswana Co., Ltd.
Education2008.09 to 2012.06 Construction Management Southwest University of Science and Technology
Daily Rate$100/day
Available IndustryConstruction

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