Freelance Designer, Photographer & Translaoter

Freelance Designer, Photographer & Translaoter

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Profile TitleFreelance Designer, Photographer & Translaoter
Profile SummaryI graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2017. I am a designer, art worker and photographer. I used to translate Chinese and English on the tripadvisor website.Fluent in Cantonese
Freelance ID031
NameRuyin Cheng
Location, NationGuangzhou, Guangdong




Available Working Hours10 hrs/week
Years of Working2 Years
Work ExperienceSince July 2019, I have worked as an art editor at Guangzhou Jiage Apparel Co., Ltd., working on video editing, h5 design, sales brochure design.
Other Experience
SkillsTranslation, Chinese Social Media Marketing
Other SkillsDesign, Photography
Awards & Certifications7th China(Beijing)Intetnational Student Animation Festival
EducationFrom September 2013 to July , 2017, I majored in animation at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.
Daily Rate$80/day
Skilled IndustryHealth, Toys, Travel

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