Freelance English Interpreter & Translator

Freelance English Interpreter & Translator

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Profile TitleFreelance English Interpreter & Translator
Profile Summaryconsecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, translation, audiovisual dictation
Freelance ID053
NameAmy Cui
Location, NationZhengzhou, Henan



Available Working HoursFlexible
Years of Working3.5 Years
Work Experience02/2019-08/2019 Galaxy Real Estate – CEO interpreter – Caribbean, Dubai, United States
I was responsible for whispering simultaneous interpreting , consecutive interpreting , simultaneous interpreting

03/2016-02/2019 Grouphorse Translation Ltd – Interpreter and Teacher – Beijing
I was responsible for interpreting for conferences and teach students translation and interpreting.

Projects during working at Grouphorse:
(SI = Simultaneous Intrepreting CI = Consecutive Interpreting)
09/2018 SI – China Australasian Entrepreneur Summit
11/2017 SI – China Europe Entrepreneur Summit in Chaoyang
11/2017 CI – a private meeting for an educational company for its listing preparation on Nasdaq in New York
11/2017 SI – The 2017 Sino-Swedish Environmental Seminar
11/2017 SI – CCTV Impossible Challenge
10/2017 SI – Global Understanding of Food Fraud Conference
09/2017 CI – BGC, Cairn and Vedanta Resources on oil rig collaboration and equipment purchase
09/2017 SI – 2017 Global Innovator Conference by G20 Group
07/2017 CI – Monster Jam
07/2017 CI – European Investment Bank on Climate Change and Collaboration with China Symposium
07/2017 CI – 2017 Latin America Investment Cooperation Symposium
06/2017 CI – Berlin Brandenburg VR Conference ( 2nd Global VR/AR China Summit 2017) 06/2017 CI – California Beijing Innovation Center Launching Ceremony
06/2017 CI – Techcode 2017 Start-up Shanghai International Event ( Finland Session) 04/2017 SI – Transn Box Launching Ceremony
03/2017 CI – Israeli Prime Minister’s Business and Innovation Summit
11/2016 CI – Cyzone with Intel in Silicon Valley on cooperation
11/2016 SI – F50 with Google Developers Panel Discussion
10/2016 SI – Demo China Silicon Valley Summit

Other ExperienceN/A
SkillsTranslation, interpretation
Other Skills
Awards & CertificationsIELTS
09/2009 – 06/2013
Bachelor Degree of Logistics Management Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
09/2014 – 02/2016
Master of translation and interpreting Newcastle University, UK
Daily Ratesimultaneous 500$ consecutive 300$ translation 50$/k
Available IndustryFashion, Law, Financing & Accounting, Internet Technology, Economics

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