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Profile Summary8 years sales experience in the trading industry.Interpretation skills, business reception experiences.

Exhibition Experience.

Business consultant experience.

Team management & office administration.

Freelance ID007
NameVictoria Lin
Location, NationGuangzhou, China


Available Working HoursMore than 30 hrs/week
Years of Working9 Years
Work ExperienceWith over 8 years’ experience in the trading industry as a sales director(now I am a full-time freelancer), I have been doing import & export business for years, with high efficient ability in fulfilling daily tasks & routines. I can work with you from the planning stage ensuring everything is well planned in advance. My work experience makes me able to take charge of sourcing products from online and offline. I could offer you suggestions based on detailed market research, help you work out the right decision before you spent money. Also, I speak fluent English and I am good at communicating.

What can I provide?

>>Sourcing & Inspection includes:
*Market research
*Supplier evaluation
*Product inspection
*Factory inspection
*Supplier management
*Contact legal assistance
*Alibaba & 1688 purchase support

>>Logistic & Transportation
*Pre-shipment inspection
*Shipping way & companies suggestion
*Delivery paperwork
*Amazon FBA shipping arrangement
*Drop-shipping for Shopify stores

There are many premium brands out there and you may in need of entering the Chinese market. If you are, contact me. We have a team very familiar with online store operations, online marketing & social networking. What we can do includes:

>>Brand building & marketing in China
*Taobao store operation
*Tmall store operation
*Weibo account operation
*Wechat account operation
*Advertising & digital marketing in China

>>Buying or sales office operation
*Chinese company registration & annual audit
*Recruitment service
*Administration service

Furthermore, I am able to work as your private business interpreter if there is a business trip for you in China. I can speak Mandarin, Cantonese and Chaoshan Language. I live in Guangzhou but accept business trips if it’s necessary.

Other ExperienceWebsite localization, business interpretation, social media management, product inspection
SkillsInterpretation, sourcing, Chinese social media marketing
Other SkillsChinese English translation and interpretation, manufacturer sourcing and management, business negotiation, Chinese social media marketing
Awards & CertificationsCET-6
EducationAssociate Degree, Business English Major
Daily Rate$95/day
Available IndustryAdvertising, Jewelry, Beauty, Electronics, Home Appliance, Office Supply, Packaging, Rubber & Plastic

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8 replies
  1. Jordan Rusnac
    Jordan Rusnac says:

    Victoria is a professional and very reliable translator and sourcing agent. She helped me find my manufacturer / supplier and also liaised with them on my behalf. I would recommend her to anyone looking to get their sourcing done quickly, efficiently and in a timely manner.

    Thank you Victoria

  2. Georgia
    Georgia says:

    I highly recommend Victoria. Both hardworking and reliable she went above and beyond to help me source the product that I needed when i visited China. She accompanied me to the markets along with visits to manufacturers. Once I arrived back in Australia Victoria checked my bulk order before shipment for any issues. I am happy to have found such a wonderful translator/ sourcing agent.

  3. Yasir M.
    Yasir M. says:

    The freelancer provided valuable insight for dealing with Chinese factories. I will certainly rehire for the upcoming projects.

    • Vincent Omango
      Vincent Omango says:

      Hello, Mr. Yasir, I am Dr. Vincent Omango. I guide students in taking terms papers, assignments, dissertations, theses and project work. If you are interested in my services, please reach out to me.

  4. Angel Ortiz
    Angel Ortiz says:

    Dear Victoria,

    I’m considering visiting Guangzhou for the Canton Fair April ‘2020
    I would like to hire your services as a guide to show me around for the Canton Fair.
    How much would you charge? Per day for three days

    Angel Ortiz


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