Freelance Translator/Mandarin Voiceover

Freelance Translator/Mandarin Voiceover

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Profile TitleFreelance Translator/Mandarin Voiceover
Profile Summary1. BEC Higher C1;
2. IELTS 7.5, Listening 9 Reading 9
3. Working experience in a Swiss company for 27 months
4. University of Zurich: Master of Advanced Studies UZH in European and Chinese Business Management
5. Standard Mandarin
Freelance ID212
NameNanqing Guo
Location, NationWuxi, Jiangsu



Available Working HoursFlexible
Years of Working3 Years
Work ExperienceIn 01.2017, my internship began in a Swiss family company, Mechafin AG. It is a traditional manufacturer of welding machine consumables. As the director’s assistant, I mainly took care of the business in Asian market. After finding the exclusive distributor in China, I was officially employed and later sent back to Shanghai in 10.2017, in order to offer instant service to our customers. My job included: 1) Basic File Translation 2) Technical Service 3) Business Travelling and Negotiation 4) Company Exhibition 5) Business Report. Before the end of 2019, I managed to hold 2 exhibitions and established connection with several new customers for my company.
Other ExperienceAfter 12.2019, I took a 2-month internship in an English Accent Institute. It focused on solving typical Chinese Accent problems. My direct supervisor, Sun Zhili, is a strict and knowledgeable man, who showed me lots of details of the current domestic English education situation. I was grateful that I’ve deeply felt the power generated from a faithful man.
SkillsTranslation, interpretation
Other SkillsTable tennis; Accounting; Cooking
Awards & Certifications2013 HK Ins. of CPA QP Analysis Competition Certificate of Merit
Education2017 | European and Chinese Business Management | University of Zurich
Daily Rate$160/day
Skilled IndustryMachinery, Financing & Accounting, Internet Technology, Education

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