International Relations Student In Netherland / A Part-Time Translator/Interpretor

International Relations Student In Netherland / A Part-Time Translator/Interpretor

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Profile TitleInternational Relations Student In Netherland / A Part-Time Translator/Interpretor
Profile Summary1. Crtical thinking skill- Being a Delegate in Modle United Nations. Drafted resolution paper on human right crisis and global cybersecurity attack.
2. Communicational skill- 1 month of internship in a securities company as a consultant.
3. Cooperative skills- 2 weeks of leadership program in Prudential company. Constructed business plan about how to expand chinese mainland market and improve the coordination of workers in different regions.
4. Independent writing – 2 months of internship in Denton law office.
5. Proficient use of Word and PPT
Freelance ID012
NameMichelle (Xuanyue Guan)
Location, NationNetherland



Available Working HoursFlexible
Years of Working3 Years
Work Experience
  1. SCIMUN in Shenzhen (17.03.2018)

I was the delegate of India in the committee of disarmament. I participated the discussion and debate in regard to the management of international mercenary and the prevailing problem of cybersecurity. I am equipped with certain debating and researching skill.

  1. 2 months of internship in Denton law office. (01.06.2019—01.08.2019)

Mainly in charge of completing due diligence regarding to the need of individual company. Learned to write an indictment letter on the issue of uncollateralised credit.

Constructed paperwork on 3 cases of shares transfer.

  1. Volunteering in Cambodia, Nepal, Indonesia (2017,2018,2019)

English and Chinese teaching to kids who have financial difficulty to recieve education Helping them to visualize their future in games and positive interactions. In Indonesia, I also participated the program of turtle conservation and environmental protection.

  1. Leadership program in Prudential company ( 10,04,2019)

I led my team to complete a business plan that accomplished champion in competition. The learning process enables me to cultivate critical thinking skill and highlight the importance of effective collaboration.

Other ExperienceVolunterred as a chinese and English teacher in Nepal and Cambodia
SkillsTranslation, Interpretation
Other Skills
Awards & CertificationsN/A
EducationInternational relations student in the Leiden university in Netherland
Daily Rate$95/day
Available IndustryAdvertising, Auto & Transportation, Fashion, Construction, Politics, Economics

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