Korean-English-German-Chinese Translator & Interpreter

Korean-English-German-Chinese Translator & Interpreter

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Profile TitleKorean-English-German-Chinese Translator & Interpreter
Profile Summary1 active idea, high responsible and aggressive,

2 working steady, stated ability of organizing managing cooperating, careful and creative in working.

3 Self-confidence, self-respect, self-strive,

4 Can learn new things well in short time.

5 Having studied and travelled in more than 30 countries,able to work in different countries

  1. Able to understand and communicate with people from different cultures.

Good at painting,piano,singing and dancing.

Freelance ID178
NameLi Sun
Location, NationShanghai




Available Working HoursFlexible
Years of Working7 Years
Work Experience1.volunteer(to help Korean students learn Chinese)2008.9-12,

2.part-time translator  since 2010/1

  1. Shengyan Culture Communication Co. Ltd

Accompanied translation. 2011/5-7

4.Mary Kay (China)Co., Ltd Administration specialist  2011/8-2011/115.Bolaa Network  Development Co. Ltd

Customer Relationship Management Specialist   2012/7 -2013-3

(have plenty of on-line marketing experience)

  1. New World College

Project manager   2013/3~2016/6

  1. New World College

Project manager   2014/6~2015/8

  1. New World College

Senior manager   since 2018/7

Other Experiencehaving travelled to more than 30 countries
a lot of volunteer experiences
having been translator since 2010
be good at several instruments, painting and dancing.
SkillsTranslation, interpretation
Other Skills1 Korean(both good at oral and  written Korean),

2 English(fluent oral English, and good pronunciation),

3 Germany (Have learned about 1.5years of Germany Can do basic reading and writing.) ,

4 Computer (Can do basic reading and writing,Have a good command of computer, knowing the basic maintain of hardware and software ,Skilled in Microsoft Office .)

5 communication skills

Awards & Certifications1China the national high school students’ composition competition Second Class 2004

2 China the national high school students’ English competition Third Class 2005

3China the national high school students’ new concept composition competition Third Class 2004

4Shanghai International Studies University  Third Class Bursary 2009

5Shanghai International Studies University Excellent Communist Youth League 2009&2010

6Shanghai International Studies University Excellent Student leader 2009&2010

7 Shanghai International Studies University  First Class Bursary  2010

8 Shanghai International Studies University  Second Class Bursary  2011

9  Advanced employee  2013

10 Donghua University  First Class Bursary  2016

Education(September,2008–2012)Shanghai International Studies University

(September,2015–2017)Carleton University,Canada

(September,2015–2018)Donghua University

(October~September,2016)University of Notre Dame

Daily RateNegotiable
Skilled IndustryAdvertising, Fashion, Beauty, Health, Industrial Parts & Tools

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