Marketing Specialist, Business Assistant, Commercial Event Organizer & Interpreter

Marketing Specialist, Business Assistant, Commercial Event Organizer & Interpreter

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Profile TitleMarketing Specialist, Business Assistant, Commercial Event Organizer & Interpreter
Profile Summary– More than 15 years commercial experience (strategic planning, marketing, sourcing&PD) in MNC Enterprises& University
– Excellent skill of communication and collaboration with internal cross-functional departments and outsourcing agencies(domestic & abroad vendors)
– Good business analyzing and researching ability
Freelance ID149
NameWen Qingying
Location, NationShanghai, China


Available Working HoursFlexible
Years of Working17 Years
Work Experience03/2017-06/2018 | Donghua University Glorious Sun School of Business & Management | Marketing & Admissions Director | Pushed Donghua MBA’s specialized development road-fashion MBA; Activated MBA alumni liaison;Contributed to the AMBA accreditation and helped MBA Center won the star of 2017 among all the departments and faculty groups of Glorious Sun School of Business & Management
11/2012-02/2017 | RGE group-Sateri Holding Ltd. | Marketing& Strategic Planning Supervisor | Good pricing strategy therefore helped Sateri growing from a market follower to a market leader;Established corporate exhibition arrangement SOP from zero;Built up Sateri new website
2010/09 – 2011/12 | Target Inc. | Market Representative | Star of the month
2006/02 –2010/03 | Dorma Group Ltd. | Senior Merchandiser (Product Development) | Marks&Spencer’s Top1 bedding supplier
2003/07 — 2005/12 | Etrade2China trading Ltd. | Merchandiser |
Other ExperienceN/A
SkillsSourcing, Chinese Social Media Marketing
Other SkillsPPT,  presentations,  events planning & organizing
Awards & CertificationsN/A
Education2011/09– 2014/02 | Dual MBA Degree | Donghua University (China) & Westminster College (U.S.)
2012/01- 2012/05 | Marketing | Exchange student at Westminster College, SLC UT U.S.
1999/09 — 2003/06 | Textile Engineering | Suzhou University (China)
Daily Rate$100~$150 /day
Skilled IndustryApparel, Fashion, Industrial Parts & Tools, Textiles, Travel

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