Native English Translator, UN Invited Delegate

Native English Translator, UN Invited Delegate

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Profile TitleNative English Translator, UN Invited Delegate
Profile Summary1) Chinese delegate of 2018 ABIS (Asian Business and Investment Summit)
2) The third prize of Model APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) in 2018
3) be going to visit White House and UN in the next February as a delegate being invited by UN.
4) TOEFL 106 MBS
Freelance ID080
NameHanBing Fan
Location, NationShanghai




Available Working HoursFlexible
Years of Working2 Years
Work ExperienceI have been as English tutor for two years and I love English so much. When I was a kid, I lived in a bilingual family so literally English is my native tongue. I am a translator every summer for Shanghai International Piano Festival and every experience of translating makes me learn a lot as well. I enjoy the process of talking English with people and help them communicate better.
Other Experience
SkillsTranslation, interpretation
Other SkillsTeaching
Awards & CertificationsN/A
Education2021 | Music | Shanghai Music School
Daily Rate$100/day
Skilled IndustryTelecoms, Legal Consulting, Politics, Economics, Music

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