New Media Marketing, Social Media Professional Specialist

New Media Marketing, Social Media Professional Specialist

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Profile TitleNew Media Marketing, Social Media Professional Specialist
Profile SummaryFour years’ experience in Marketing with being responsible for:
– Content operation and marketing activities management.
– Brand development as well as content construction, management and launch.
– Internal and external resource coordination, relations maintenance including users, clients and investors.

Additional informations:
– Be passionate about sharing the information on healthy food and lifestyle to people.
– Communicate with the membership to collect their health information.

Freelance ID163
NameWeijia Qiu
Location, NationBeijing



Available Working Hours20 hrs/week
Years of Working4 Years
Work ExperienceSep.2016-Mar.2019 | WOWO (BEIJING) TECHNOLOGY | Marketing Manager
– Develop and launch on new media channels including Weibo, WeChat and Zhihu for brand promotion and conversion.
– Plan and organize industry events, including forum, conference, seminar and entrepreneur interviews.
– Take charge of brand management, maintain consistent brand image through official website, WeChat emoji, brochure, commercial presentation, VI system, etc.
– Develop long-term relations with media, conclude investor reports and maintain the relations with investors.
– Lead interns and work with Operation, Product teams to meet planned target.

Jan. 2016-Jul. 2016 | DOHIA (BEIJING) TECHNOLOGY | Copywriting Specialist
– Manage content construction on public platform, including official website, WeChat and Weibo.
– Develop the content of trend brand on DOHIA to meet requirements as needed.
– Maintain long-term relations with domestic and international designers for E-Commerce marketing development.

Jun 2015-Jan. 2016 | JIUZHIDAOCHI TECHNOLOGY (BEIJING) | Product Operation
– Update and optimize the App content of Wo You Fan, establish and develop the work flow for Product team and Business Development team to enhance collaboration.
– Collect end-user and product data, experience offline product, advise improvement plan to Business Development team and Content team.
– Analyze hot topics, ally with KOLs to create the theme of new product.

Nov. 2014-Jun. 2015 | BAIYIQIANXUN ENTERTAINMENT TECHNOLOGY | Planning Specialist
– Operate official WeChat account, update content, and manage contributors.
– Maintain long-term relations with KOLs, combine with KOL’s contributions to create new content.
– Work with Business Development team for commercial deals as needed.

Other ExperienceEvent executive(Part-time):
‘ An Obama’s Journey’ by Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo’ s book meeting, Beijing;
HOMENAJE AL COMPOSITOR Y PIANISTA ENRIQUE GRANADOS piano concert by Daniel Sacks, Institute Cervantes, Beijing.

Graphic design (Part-time):
Branding Items of ‘Adore’, A lifestyle and cake studio.

Content contributing (Freelancer):
Shopping & Lifestyle website – HK01.

SkillsChinese Social Media Marketing
Other SkillsCopywritting/ Graphic design/ Product Operating
Awards & CertificationsN/A
Education2010-2014 | Applied Psychology | Jinan University
Daily Rate$160/day
Skilled IndustryAdvertising, Agriculture & Food, Gifts, Health, Internet Technology

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