Part-time Online Chinese Teacher

Part-time Online Chinese Teacher

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Profile TitlePart-time Online Chinese Teacher
Profile Summary1. persistent

2. Have the patience

3. Identify and resolve problems in time

4. Review again and again

5. Be prepared before class

Freelance ID156
NameShuai Ma
Location, NationBeijing, China




Available Working Hours20 hrs/week
Years of Working1 Year
Work ExperienceSince 2018.7.8-2019.8.2 Use my spare time to be a part-time Chinese teacher in New Oriental English.My job is to teach younger students to learn Chinese characters and Pinyin and My work result is to let them pass the exam smoothly.
Other ExperienceN/A
Other SkillsTeaching Chinese
Awards & CertificationsN/A
Education2019. Preschool education.ShouGanggongxueyuan
Daily Rate$90/day
Skilled IndustryEducation,

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