Part-time Online Secretary / Assistant / Translator

Part-time Online Secretary / Assistant / Translator

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Profile TitlePart-time Online Secretary / Assistant / Translator
Profile Summary1. Research and writing
2. Translating ( Chinese to/ from English)
3. Communicate with clients
4. Drafting due diligence report, legal opinion and transaction documents.
5. Telephone consultation
Freelance ID158
NameHui Hu
Location, NationBeijing


Available Working HoursFlexible
Years of Working2 Years
Work Experience1. 2017.04-2017.11, 2018.06 to Present | King & Wood Mallesons, Beijing | Financial Capital Department | Intern & Legal Assistant
Participated in the 2019 Medium-term Notes Issuance Project of the Core Subsidiary of a State-owned Enterprise Ranked among Fortune 500: responsible for, including but not limited to carrying out legal research of relevant laws and regulations of public offering of debt financing instruments of non-financial enterprises, conducting legal due diligence of the entity qualification, business qualification, primary assets, litigation and arbitration, etc. of the target company and helping with legal due diligence report, legal opinion and confirmation letter writing.
Participated in the Refinancing Project of an Industrial Development Company: responsible for, including but not limited to revising facility agreement, drafting and updating obligation list of facility agreement, translating facility agreement and fee letters and reviewing resolution documents of the borrower, etc.
Participated in the Whole Process of the Project of Operating Lease for one ARJ21 Aircraft: responsible for, including but not limited to drafting aircraft lease agreement, taking part in negotiation and revising of lease agreement, drafting airframe warranties agreement, engine warranties agreement, assignment of insurance, etc., reviewing certificate of insurance and letter of undertaking, preparing list of conditions precedent, etc.
Responsible for the Project of Legal Counsel of a Rural Commercial Bank: took charge of, including but not limited to assisting in issues of affiliated transactions, equity transfer, share capital increase and approval of regulatory institutions, etc., preparing PPT for internal training of the Bank, drafting inner governance documents for the Bank and helping with legal opinion writing, etc.
Participated in the Project of Beijing Property Mortgage of a Foreign Bank: responsible for, including but not limited to contacting with the client, going to on-site consultation about the materials needed for the mortgage registration, drafting mortgage agreement, pledge of receivables and legal opinion, etc.

2. 2018.03-2018.05 | Global Law Office, Beijing | Dispute Resolution Department | Intern
Assisted in conducting legal research, participated in on-site due diligence and online public research. Helped with translation of contracts, clarification on the defense and counter-claim and other instruments. Assisted in preparing lawyer’s letter, letter in reply, power of attorney, opinions on representation and written complaint, etc. Drafted case memorabilia, memorandum and helped with contract reviewing (including risk analysis). Assisted in scanning, printing and filing of legal instruments, went to the people’s court to pay legal fees and contacted with the people’s court.

3. 2013.04-2013.08 | People’s Court of Xicheng District, Beijing | Civil Division 1 | Intern
Assisted in handling of civil or commercial cases such as motor vehicle accident liability disputes, contract disputes, etc.; analysed relevant laws and regulations and cases to provide material support for the judges in writing judgment documents; attended trial of several civil or commercial cases, experienced procedure rules and real trial process, etc.

Other Experience1. 2013.06-2014.07 | Alumni Association of CUPL | Head of Publicity Department
Led all the members in organizing activities, including but not limited to Interview Record of Well-Known Teachers, Knowledgeable Forum, etc.

2. 2012.07-2012.08 | China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study (CHARLS) | Primary Member
Investigated and gathered high quality microdata of health and retirement status of local people aged over 45 and their families in Longnan, Gansu province and other places with team members; assisted in physical examination for relevant people; analysed the microdata collected and conducted big data research, drew empirical conclusions that although medical insurance has significantly improved the level of medical use for middle-aged and elderly people, the medical burden of them is still that heavy, etc.

SkillsTranslation, Chinese Social Media Marketing
Other Skills1. Equestrian horse riding 2. Violin
Awards & Certifications1. Professional Qualification: PRC Bar Qualification
2. Language: CET-6 (scored 581); English can be used as working language
3. Technical Skills: Proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Wolters Kluwer and Westlaw
Education1. 2015.09-2018.06 | Master of Laws (Economic Law) | China-EU School of Law of China University of Political Science and Law
2. 2016.09-2017.08 | LL.M. (European and International Law) | Faculty of Law of University of Hamburg
3. 2011.09-2015.06 | Bachelor of Laws | School of International Law of CUPL
Daily Rate$100/day
Skilled IndustryAdvertising, Agriculture & Food, Law Consultant, Internet Technology, Travel

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