Cleio Yang - Bilingual Teacher

Professional Biolingual Teacher, Responsible Millennial

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Profile TitleProfessional Biolingual Teacher, Responsible Millennial
Profile SummaryBiolingual teacher;
Skilled in Computer;
Flexible working hours;
Good listener and facilitator.
Freelance ID021
NameCleio, Yang
Location, NationNanjing, Jiangsu



Available Working HoursFlexible
Years of Working4 Years
Work ExperienceI’ve been working as English teacher in local Chinese internationalized school after unversity(2011-2015); established good personal profile.
I’ve been to different places in China and fostered good sense of respect to all walks of life;
My major strength lies in compassion and respect in neighbors, work and life.
Other ExperienceI had 3months of internship(2013) in an international travel agent; I’m able to show customers around the west north part of China.
For what it’s worth, I also help my family to sell apples.Thus, I’m looking forward to show you the real fruit with fair price in China.
Other SkillsTeaching
Awards & CertificationsN/A
Education2011-2015|Translation and interpretor|North West Unversity
2017-2020|Teaching English as a Foreign Language|Soochow Unversity
Daily Rate$100/day
Available IndustryEducation

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