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Professional English-Chinese Translator

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Profile TitleProfessional English-Chinese Translator
Profile Summary1. With personality proved by friends and customers said Cherry is a responsible , reliable and hard-working lady during the past 13 years’ work experience .

2. Majored in English Education , Passed CET 6 and TEM 4 test during college .

Freelance ID002
NameCherry Liao
Location, NationGuangzhou or Foshan China , the place where I live is also Near Shenzhen Dongguan



Available Working HoursFlexible
Years of Working13 Years
Work Experience2007.3-2009.9 Anhui Saunaking Co.,Ltd . Guangzhou Branch Job Title: Foreigh sales
2010.5-2017.5 Guangzhou Ruihui Casting Machine Co.,Ltd Job Title: Foreigh sales
2017.8-2019.8 SS MARGER GUANGZHOU office buyer
Other Experience
Other Skills
Awards & CertificationsCET 6 and TEM 4
Education2004.9-2007.6 Hunan Women’s University English major
Daily Rate$80-$120
Available IndustryAuto & Transportation, Fashion Products(Bags, shoes, accessories…), Jewelry, Chemical, Construction

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