Purchase Representative, Interpreter, Event Planner

Purchase Representative, Interpreter, Event Planner

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Profile TitlePurchase Representative, Interpreter, Event Planner
Profile Summary1. familiar with foreign trade and related work
2. familiar with Pearl River Delta area markets and main industries in the mentioned area
3. confidently indepent and responsible providing one-stop purchase service
4. familiar with event planning and related work
5. familiar with maintain and develop customer
Freelance ID075
NameYingyan Ye
Location, NationGuangzhou




Available Working HoursFlexible
Years of Working15 Years
Work ExperienceDec 2014 till now, Marketing Director of Sense International
-Create the brand “Sense” of tea culture.
-Plan and manage marketing work.
-Develop agencies around China.
Other Experience
SkillsSourcing, Product/Factory Inspection
Other Skills
Awards & Certifications
EducationGraduated from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies since July 2004
Major: International Trading
Daily Rate$150-$200/day
Skilled IndustryConstruction, Lighting, Machinery, Packaging, Electronics

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