Skilled Additives & Fashion Industry Translator & Interpreter

Skilled Additives & Fashion Industry Translator & Interpreter

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Profile TitleSkilled Additives & Fashion Industry Translator & Interpreter
Profile Summary1. Passed TEM 8 and BEC vantage
2. 2-year experiecne in translation and interpretation
3. Experienced in using Trados and CAT
4. Experienced in exhibitions
5. Familiar with additives and fashion industry
Freelance ID025
NameLeanne Chen
Location, NationGuangzhou, Guangdong



Available Working HoursFlexible
Years of Working2 Years
Work Experience1.English translator—Guangzhou Anning Biotechnology CO,.ltd—1 year
1) Translating profiles about feed additives, like product descriptions, labels, brochure, certificates, papers, presentations, etc. The quality and efficiency of my translation are recognized by my leaders.
2) Managing emails between the Company and headquarter in Europe and conveying information timely.
3) Recepting foreign guests and delivering interpretation. Able to communicate with foreigners fluently.
4) Participating in business trip and exhibitions. Assisting in promoting our products.
2. English Translator—Guangzhou Power Sweet Fashion Company—till now
1)Translating various tech packs from our foregin customers, related documents about the Company and promoting profiles. Building and managing terminology bank.
2) Recepting foreign guests and delivered interpretation.
3) Assisting business negotiation with foreign customers.
Other ExperienceA part-time translator for a website named
SkillsTranslation, interpretation
Other SkillsMicrosoft Office, Trados, CAT
Awards & CertificationsTEM 4
BEC Vantage
Education2014-2018/ English Translation/ Linnan Normal University
Daily Rate300-500 RMB/Day
Skilled IndustryAgriculture & Food, Apparel, Fashion, Health, Medicine

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