Subtitle Translator, English-Chinese Interpreter

Subtitle Translator, English-Chinese Interpreter

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Profile TitleSubtitle Translator, English-Chinese Interpreter
Profile Summary1.I used to do subtitle translation for a year.
2. I have worked as an interpreter in a English school for half a year
3.I have obtained the certificate of TEM- 4
4.Passed the National Computer Examination
5.Participated in the visiting program of Oxford University and Cambridge University
Freelance ID161
NameHanwen Zheng
Location, NationChangChun,Jilin




Available Working Hours10 hrs/week
Years of Working2 Years
Work ExperienceNovember 2017-June 2018
Worked in EF as an interpreter
September 2018-October 2019
Worked in Adventure subtitle group as a subtitler
Other Experience
SkillsTranslation, interpretation
Other Skills
Awards & Certificationssecond-class scholarship
Second prize of English speech contest
Major:English and Korean
School: Jilin International Studies University
Daily Rate$100/day
Skilled IndustryAdvertising, Agriculture & Food, Fashion, Beauty, Travel

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