Traveling Guide in China, Chinese Insurance Consulting

Traveling Guide in China, Chinese Insurance Consulting

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Profile TitleTraveling Guide in China, Chinese Insurance Consulting
Profile SummaryI am a diligent and honest person. I like reading and am eager to learn new things with self-judgment.

  • Through years working, I get deeper understanding in business and better perspective over relationships between different persons. I am a devoted worker and I am good at searching better solutions to problems. I stay optimistic toward life and keep close relationships with both colleagues and customers.
  • I have a stable personality and high sense of responsibility. I can cope with a multi-cultural work force and effectively communicate with different people as practiced through my working experience.
Freelance ID017
NameJim Chen
Location, NationBeijing


Available Working HoursFlexible
Years of Working8 Years
Work Experience2011.9-2013.10 Suzhou culture travel agency [Tour Operator]

  • !Contact, communicate and negotiate with hotels,bus companies, and tour guides, identify and evaluate availability for traveling, accommodation, etc.
  • Cope with unexpected situation that happens on a tour. 2014.1-2016.11 Beijing bingfeng refrigerators company [Salesman]! I worked as a salesman in my brother’s company and contacted with supermarket owners who are in need of commercial refrigerators.

2016.10-2019.5 Beijing Aviva-cofco insurance company [Consultant]

  • Get basic knowledge of China insurance business
Other ExperienceN/A
Other Skills
Awards & CertificationsCoding
EducationHuzhou teachers college, Zhejiang, China
Major in Tourism management. 2006.9—2011.7
Daily Rate¥500/day
Available IndustryTravel, Insurance

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